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World's First Technology

Spin Polarized Ion Scattering Spectroscopy

SP-ISS system

This system enables you to measure something which was considered impossible to measure. This is the world's first technology.

  • Selective detection of outermost surfaces
  • Composite analysis of "Spin" and "Structure" and "Elemantal Composition

This SP-ISS system has already received some patents.

  • US, Germany, France : WO2008/069110
  • Japan : 2008-135308
  • Japan: 2009-216387

Breakthrough for Vacuum Window

Fuji IdeckUltra High / Extreme High Vacuum Window
Fuji Ideck's vacuum windows have a lot of special features below.

  • No heat effect
  • Avalilable bigger than φ440 mm effective diameter
  • Re-polishable / Replaceable Window Materials
  • No Zn soldering

and More!

Laser Marking Solutions

UVLaser Marker Selection
You can choose the best one for your application. 355nm, 1064nm, 10600nm makers will meet your requirements with precision processing.

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