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Fiber Laser Marker


Metals, Aluminum parts for automobile, Bearing, Drill, Tools, Saw, Joint, Battery, Resin, Headlight switch


Low price, Maintanance free, Long lifetime, Max power up to 20 W in Pulsed Mode,Guide laser, Air cooled, USB interface, Win XP and Vist and 7 capable, Multiple languages (English, Chinease, Korean, Japanese) capable, Various GUI, Varous file types (bmp, jpg, plt, dtf).


Wavelength 1064 nm
Average power [CW] 5, 10, 20, 30, ..... 200 W
[Pulse] 5, 10, 15, 20 W
Pulse width 60 - 90 ns, Rep rate 20 - 80 kHz tunable
Output power tunability 5 - 100 %, First pulse suppression
Scan area 100 square mm (F=100), 175 square mm (F=250), 250 square mm (F=360), 300 square mm (F=435)
Size W 260 mm x H 500mm x D 710 mm
Weight 25 kg (< 30 W)
Electrical 100 VAC, Power consumption 400 W


Compared to conventional solid state laser marker, this one is very compact and doesn't need a big driver and chiller. Also lifetime of pump laser is 100,000 hours. You don' worry about frequent maintenance. This accelerates replacement for solid state laser marker.

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